We have over 30 custom BSA formulations in both liquid and lyophilized formats.  We also have a high degree of customization available.  Due to our process we have the flexibility to make modifications that allow us to meet nearly any specification a customer may need.

Our lyophilized products can be provided in specific formulations.  Protease free, essentially fatty acid free and low endotoxin concentration formulations are standard products for us.  All products are aseptically processed for rapid reconstitution.

Our liquid products are available in 10%, 20%, and 30% standard grades and are available either preserved or unpreserved. Additionally, our liquid products can be polymer enhanced based on activity requirements.

The BSA that works for one will not work for all.  Our staff is some of the most knowledgeable in the industry, with many years of experience across multiple disciplines. If you are unsure of what you need call us and we can help you.

Listed below are some of our more popular formulations: Click on a product below to access the technical data sheet.

We developed and introduced an innovative and new cell culture grade of HSA to the world as an alternative to the USP therapeutic grade designed specifically for microbial and cell culture growth using animal-free components.

The USP grade HSA is the raw material we start with for ours.  We then process ours further to remove the caprylate, fatty acids and other growth inhibitors required by the USP in order to make it into a high protein growth serum.  The USP grade HSA is required to be made the way it is as it is for therapeutic use.

Our HSA formulations include: