CHATA BioSystems, LLC

Chata manufactures custom and semi-custom aqueous reagents and chemicals for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical testing and manufacturing applications.

We pioneered and developed our own unique custom-engineered packaging solutions that have revolutionized the delivery methods of reagents and chemicals. Our custom-engineered packaging solutions have largely eliminated the need for glass or plastic bottles in the laboratory and manufacturing environment, which provides safer and more environmentally sustainable alternatives, while providing a more microbiological-controlled process.

Whether customers are looking for registered USP solutions or internally formulated custom solutions, we are able to deliver to stringent customer specifications. We maintain inventory of various USP buffers and dissolution medias (Chata OTS Solutions) and can produce almost any quantity of a desired custom reagent within any reasonable timeframe.

All our products are manufactured under a Quality Management Systems certified to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 standards under fully traceable batch records that are developed for each customer’s exact specifications as listed on a mutually agreed product definition at our FDA site registered facility.

“I have recommended the product in the past and will continue to do so. Now I can recommend based on customer service as well. You guys are great to work with!”

– Carlie

“Chata has always been top notch with customer service and product representation.”

– LeAnn

“Chata has always been very responsive and quick to fill my order. I really appreciate this. Many places that I order supplies from are not nearly this quick. Thanks for what you guys do!”

– Jason