Have a need for a custom blow-molded plastic product?  Our process takes customers from concept to fulfillment with experienced guidance at each step along the way.  We bring concepts to life with CAD drawings and 3D models, manage the complex mold and tooling design, all leading to the manufacturing and assembly of a custom blow-molded product. Let our experts be your guide through this process using one of our machines.

 Machine TypeShot SizeClamp PressureExtruder SizeDC Drive HPControllerParisson ControllerFoot PrintPlaten SizeMax Clamp OpenMax Head Tooling
1Kautex B30/1220 lb.25 ton4.5”150 H.P.Allen Bradley SLC 504Hunkar 31122’x14’31.5”x35.5”55”13”
2Hartig35 lb.100 ton4.5”200 H.P.Allen Bradley SLC 504Hunkar 31130’x25’48”x48”65”16”
3Kautex B3035 lb.50 ton4.5”150 H.P. ACBeckhoffBeckhoff35’x20’43.5”x43.5”64”13”
4Kautex B30/1220 lb.25 ton4.5”100 H.P.Control Micro-systemsHunkar 31121’x14’31.5”x35.5”55”13”
5Kautex B30/1220 lb.25 ton4.5”125 H.P. ACControl Micro-systemsBeckhoff25’x14’31.5”x35.5”55”13”


If custom isn’t what you are looking for perhaps one of VI Plastics products will meet your needs.

SAFEthread Drum – Coming Soon!