HELIX Oscillating Biomixer®

As Life Sciences products manufacturers, we have unique requirements when it comes to processing and storing valuable contents, whether it be sterility, scalable shear or space / budget restraints. The HELIX is a steam sterilizable mixing vessel with integrated dynamic radial fins that not only protect the contents from environmental contamination while used as a storage carboy, but also as a mixing vessel that requires no mixing blade. When used in coordination with our Turn-Table, the HELIX becomes a highly versatile mixer, intermediate container, bioreactor or transport carboy. We use this device in our own production for reagents and medias up to 50L. Please feel free to download the brochure here or in our new eCommerce Store.



The Lifecycle CHEM+POUR™ product line features a 1L and 4L flexible, stand-up pouch. The packaging has been expertly engineered to be a more environmentally friendly alternative to the rigid glass and plastic bottles. When filled, the packaging has been designed to mimic the footprint of the standard rigid glass and plastic bottles, but when emptied provides an 84% reduction in waste as a flat bag for waste disposal. The custom design allows for smooth, controlled pour to support both your safety and aseptic needs.



Our CHEM+NECT™ system is designed to provide a closed-system delivery option of introducing reagents into a clean and microbiological-controlled process. Available in fill volumes up to 200L's, this system is a sanitary and more environmentally sustainable alternative to glass and plastic bottles.


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With over 40 years of life sciences manufacturing, we are proud to be certified under these issuing authorities. Click below to download a copy of our certificates or contact us for more information.

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We are committed to providing a product that meets each partners mutually agreed upon specific specifications and as such we will stand behind our products 100%.

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    We are committed to providing a product that meets each partners mutually greed upon specific specifications and as such we will stand behind our products 100%.

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