We will conduct ourselves with the Quality, Production, and Management practices necessary for our growth. Recognizing all of these are critical, we will dedicate ourselves with the following:

Be Relevant

Wanting to improve by giving suggestions
Notifying management when a task cannot be completed
Wanting to learn why we do what we do
Taking pride in our work and not just doing what we have to do

Be Admired

Learning your part of the process to the point that you can teach someone else
Improving on what we are doing today or how we are doing it to make tomorrow better
Keeping a good attitude even when things are tough and stressful
Encourage others to be their best
Playing like a teammate


Doing your whole job and not just the parts you like for someone else to pick up the slack
Taking your position to the next level
Ensuring you are performing a task to the best of your ability
Coming to work
Helping others out because you are committed to getting the product out
Never sacrificing product quality from stress or shortness of time

Be Accountable

Coming to work on time
Ensuring your task is done (pushing batch record through) so that others can perform the next step (release batch record)
Making sure things are tidy so that it does not feel chaotic
Letting people know ahead of time when you are not going to be at work