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The answer is yours and ours.  We understand the trust you place in us for your critical processing reagents.  Exacting production in regulated environments requires not just specialized skills but a real commitment to you and your products.  When working with us, here is what you can expect:

  • A motivated desire to learn more about your processes so we can eliminate costly and frustrating delays and mistakes. We are scientists and engineers, so we are curious by nature, and want to apply best practices we see in other companies.
  • A sense of urgency around producing, testing and shipping your product. We tend to over communicate and look for ways to demonstrate our interest in you and your products.
  • A drive to constantly lower your cost of ownership. We may not be the low-cost provider but will demonstrate value daily to you, such as supply chain management, logistics support and technical prowess to solve problems.

This is what we mean when you hear us say “We Own It” to ensure we take the same care and commitment to your projects as we do with ours.

We understand you may already have an approved package, but want you to consider our developed and cost-effective options

Our Packaging Options

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Up to 12,000L mixing equipment capacity
  • Small (1L, 6L and 10L), medium (20L) and large (50L, 100L, 200L) aseptic package sizes
  • Able to work with solvents, corrosives, acids, bases and flammables
  • Full analytical and microbiological testing capabilities
  • In-house formulating, engineering, sourcing and logistical expertise

Our Process

  • It all begins with a conversation framed around a long term relationship. We will meet with your staff to not only understand your product particulars but also your unique needs to transfer and assimilate your technology.
  • Once we agree on financial and delivery details, we will begin to transparently build the process within our ISO 13485 Quality Management System and support your regulatory requirements.
  • All production is conducted in one of our FDA site-registered plants under strict cGMPs
  • Then we work with you supply chain professionals to determine warehousing needs and delivery.

Advantages of Working with Us for your Custom Production

We have designed our manufacturing operation around being flexible for you. Versatility was top of mind when designing our clean rooms. We understand not one size fits all, so we have the ability to produce a one-time fill of several units, or repeat production batches of several thousand units each. Our team of scientists work closely with Business Development team to understand our customer requirements. We work internally to ensure we have everything covered, from chemical specifications to precise formulations to testing and regulatory requirements. We also focus our attention on how the customer is using the reagents to ensure offer a complimentary package configuration. We have developed our own packaging lines (CHEM+NECT™ and CHEM+POUR™) by closely listening to our customers over the years.

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We Are Lifecycle

We are committed to providing a product that meets each partners mutually agreed upon specific specifications and as such we will stand behind our products 100%.

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