DIFFUMAX is a line of ready to use sterile reagents designed with your needs and quality standards in mind. Inventoried for immediate availability, this product line is designed to reduce the client procurement process typically associated with these types of reagents which means product is in stock and ready to ship when you need it. The CHEM+POUR bag packaging we use for the 1L and 4L reagents is our patented, environmentally friendly, easy to use alternative to a rigid and bulky glass or plastic bottle.

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1L and 4L Packaging Options

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One Product, Multiple Compendia, Versatile Packaging

  • Products kept in inventory for immediate shipment
  • Suitable for Tissue Processing Reagents
  • Provides an 84% reduction in waste upon disposal as compared to bottles
  • Viewing windows with reference lines to provide a better understanding of the volume that has been dispensed
  • Improved handle position to further enhance aseptic technic and ease of use while providing a smoother, more controlled pour
  • Supplementary components to support a multitude of applications in addition to pouring, such as septum caps, spike adaptors, luer to spike connectors, etc.

Advantages of the DIFFUMAX® Line of Reagents

Let us into your cleanroom with our DIFFUMAX line of reagents. Available in 1L and 4L flexible, stand-up pouches, this line is designed to be economical enough for every day use. Eliminate the glug and safety issues of glass bottles while reducing your waste all the while maintaining a consistent inventory and quality of your most used products. Allow us to be an extension of your staff by adding DIFFUMAX to your day-to-day.

We Are Lifecycle

We are committed to providing a product that meets each partners mutually agreed upon specific specifications and as such we will stand behind our products 100%.

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