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A better bottle for the US Market

Sterile Media Bottles are the workhorse containers for many Biotech companies.  They offer a space saving design, with the strengths of plastic and clarity of glass. These bottles are suitable for storage and transportation of cell culture reagents as well as for general use. They have a good chemical resistance against mild acids, oils and alcohol.  All Sure Component bottles are sterilized via E-beam Technology to a Sterility Assurance Level of 10(-6).

We’ve partnered with Sure Component, LLC to inventory these bottles in our U.S. warehouses and offer case quantities to our clients.  These bottles are manufactured from PET with HDPE caps for excellent clarity and sub-zero crack resistance.  All materials meet the requirements of international guidelines such as FDA (21 CFR) and the European Pharmacopoeia. The bottles are manufactured in a class 100,000 clean room and sterilized by e-beam irradiation to ensure the highest level of sterility and clarity.

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Sure Component Bottles Are Available in 4 Sizes

Technical Specifications

  • Material compostion of Class VI medical grade plastics
  • Manufactured in an ISO 8 clean room and sterilized by e-beam irradiation for a 10(-6) Sterility Assurance Level
  • Case-packaged for clean room entry
  • Suitable for automated fill lines and manual fills
  • Cost effective media bottle substitute
  • US inventory for immediate case shipment

Who Would Buy Sure Component

  • Biotech companies searching for better control of their supply chain
  • Biological component manufacturers wanting packaging cost savings without sacrificing quality
  • Media and reagent manufactures looking for Cell Culture-grade bottles with high level customer support

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